Cocoa Exchange NC with Debra

Hi! Just a little introduction for those of you who’ve never heard of The Cocoa Exchange! I’m Debra, you can find my business page Deb's Cocoa Exchange on FB! You’ll find all sorts of fun recipes that I’ve tried and that can be found on our recipe blog!

We have 4 lines, Vitalize - a plant based line of protein drinks and bars! Featuring Cocoa Flavinols that are heart and whole body healthy! Next we have Pod and Bean - this line carries cocoa infused pantry products. Gourmet to your door never tasted so good and frankly never made dinner so easy! The Third line is what we call Pure Dark! This is the line closest to nature. Granola, Aztec Slab, nibs... all with as few extra ingredients included as possible! Then the last line is our premium brand of gourmet chocolate! Dove Signature!! These confectionery goodies range from Toffee bites to the best caramels and Truffles, all covered in either milk or dark chocolate and in a couple of cases the best white chocolate available! All are perfect not only as a great treat but for gifts and ways to say thanks to those who are the most deserving of it in your life! It also has baking mixes to add that special home made touch to your delights!

Here’s where you can explore and order! Feel free to ask questions!