Style Dots with LaDonna Meuschke Independent Founding Boutique Manager


Welcome to Style Dots, a new kind of company, built on friendships and a dream! This amazing company was founded by Karen, Gina, and Wendi, three women from a previous direct-sales company who had EACH built multi-million dollar sales organizations. They would meet up a few times a year at conferences and on incentive trips, and would often end up poolside wondering, “If we had our own company, what would it look like?”

So, in August 2014, Karen, Gina, and Wendi launched Style Dots with 50 Founding Boutique Partners. It’s customizable jewelry and accessories! You choose your foundation piece, select interchangeable dots to match your mood, outfit, event, or to tell your personal story, and snap them in. Changing your look is a snap!


In December 2014, while researching/comparing DS companies, I discovered Style Dots.  I was immediately intrigued!

The Product … This product is Unique, Fashionable, and Affordable! Style Dots is a FUN concept that allows you to change your look daily! Our jewelry is nickel- and lead-free. The foundation pieces are plated in .990 Deep Silver, KC gold, antique bronze, and gun metal. In September 2015, handbags were added to the catalog, and in February 2016, Style Dots added flip-flops, sunglasses and hair accessories!  The dots for our fashion items come in 2 sizes (12mm and 30mm) and are interchangeable with the jewelry dots!  November 2016 brought watches, our patent-pending Style Squares, and a new subscription service, “Style Perks.”
Our product is sold EXCLUSIVELY through our Boutique Partners. We do not sell our products under a different name in retail stores.

The People … Karen, Gina, and Wendi come from the field, and their Boutique Partners are just that … partners in this business. They are totally transparent with us, and give us the ability to help in making decisions that will shape the future of Style Dots.  Our voice is heard!  Boutique Partners that have been in the direct-sales business for 20 years with other companies are saying they have never received the quality of training they are getting with Style Dots, and it’s all FREE!

 The Plan … Style Dots offers BPs up to a 40% Instant Discount!  Boutique Partners also receive free product and other incentives including vacations.  Our Compensation Plan is different from any other plan out there. Team commissions are not dependent on others reaching their rank title level.

** Style Dots has a one-of-a-kind Director’s Bonus Pool. Our top-ranking Boutique Partners get a slice of the corporate pie! Our comp. plan is easy, and it’s working! We ALREADY have Boutique Partners that have reached the highest level, which means it is ACHIEVABLE!** “Direct to corporate” positions are still available for those with proven leadership experience.


My “Why” was originally to make some money for the extras our family deserves. Since joining Style Dots in December 2014, I have sold thousands of dollars in product, made countless new friends, paid off debt, and have started partnering with other women like yourself.  I have been supported, encouraged, and championed by not only my mentor and our founders, but also by my Style Dots sisters throughout the country!  It’s

I appreciate Karen, Gina, and Wendi’s passion for empowering women to not only make money, but to keep that money. Style Dots offers a 30-day online class on eliminating debt which has helped more than fifty families pay off tens of thousands of dollars, AND put money away in savings.

Whether you’re looking to get out of debt, get out of the house and have some girl time, or want to do something completely different than what you are currently doing, I highly recommend you take a look at Style Dots!

I invite you to watch this short, 8-minute video of our 3 co-founders:

style-dots-4 Our Boutique Showcase is $199, plus shipping, and includes $840 in foundation pieces, the Teal Hip Bag, business supplies, and of course … lots of  dots!

I look forward to meeting you …  Won’t you join me in this amazing opportunity!

LaDonna Meuschke,
Independent Founding Boutique Manager