Tori Belle Cosmetics Canada Pre-Registered Founding Affiliate Alexa Hebert



Alexa Hebert
Tori Belle Cosmetics Canada Pre-Registered Founding Affiliate
Phone: (587)876-9449

Hello Beauties! I’m so glad that you’re here! My name is Alexa Hebert, and I am a Pre-Registered Founding Affiliate with Tori Belle Cosmetics Canada. We are a brand new cosmetics company that launched June 2019, in the USA and launching into Canada late spring 2020. Tori Belle Cosmetics strives to provide you with high-quality, innovative beauty. We expect our official launch date to be June 2020 time frame, and it’s going to be absolutely amazing! All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free. Our Founder and CEO,Laura Hunter, is the original inventor of the magnetic eyeliner...which is patent-pending and will be EXCLUSIVE to us! When paired with any one of our eight styles of lashes (New Lash Styles Often)...& full line of cosmetics, Tori Belle Cosmetics is ready to change women’s lives! Truly are a
GAME-CHANGING opportunity to the beauty industry!

Why Magnetic Eyeliner?
Let’s be real. Applying Lashes with Glue is ROUGH. And lash extensions are damaging, and they only lasted a few weeks before they get yucky. I was PUMPED when I saw our Magnetic Lash System for the first time.

I literally said out loud.... GAMECHANGER!!! SIGN. ME. UP.



Believe me when I say that applying our lashes are as easy as 1...2...3!!!
-Apply the eyeliner
-Let it dry
-Repeat the above steps a second time
-Apply the lashes
-Watch it MAGNETIZE!!

It’s that easy, and even easier to remove! All you’d have to do is pull the lashes off, and then use your choice of make-up remover to take off the eyeliner. However, I’m not being biased or anything, but out of all the makeup removers that I’ve used... our Shake It Off makeup remover is absolutely amazing! It’s hydrating and very gentle on the skin, especially around the eye areas.

If you’re looking for an amazing side-hustle that’s unique and different from the rest, then look no further! Tori Belle Cosmetics Canada not only has high-quality products, but our Affiliate Benefits are second to none.

– Accepting Pre-Registrations for the upcoming Canadian Launch.
– Starter Kits are $129USD (Not sure what the cost of the Canadian kit will be)
– Anchor & Magnetic Kits available for add-on
– 25%-40% Commission based on sales
– Commission on your Downline (several levels based on your rank)
– Personal replicated website (first 3 months free, then $9/month after)
– No auto-ship required
– No stock or inventory required
– No monthly minimums (unless you’d like to build a team)
– Tons of leadership training
– Free products (credit earned from personal sales & sponsoring)
– Quick Start Bonuses
– Promotion Incentives
– Teen Program (where your teenager ages 14-17 can partner with you in this venture)
– And so much more....

Aside from the amazing benefits that we have... I am absolutely in love with our supportive + empowering community of lady bosses. Our Canadian launch has had so much support from our Tori Belle sisters in the USA, creating training units, and modules for us to kickstart our business. On top of that... I love how our CEO values her Affiliates’ goals toward their own personal success! What I mean is that Laura truly believes that we all are Influencers, and if we decide to take on
another direct-sales venture to help us reach our goals (whatever they may be), then she is perfectly okay with that! She believes that TRUE INFLUENCERS don’t only focus on one brand. A true influencer builds their brand (even if it’s with multiple companies), and works it hard to build a loyal following! Seriously...this company is nothing like I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to help you learn more and possibly welcome you into my amazing team, Magnetic Beauty Bash! Please let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming Canadian launch or if you're reading this, & June 2020 has passed, that means we have launched, and you can become a Tori Belle Canadian affiliate now! I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

Alexa Hebert

“Our Affiliate program not only provides a way for you to be paid on your entire organization, but it pays at 100% on your teams retail sales. This is huge! We don’t assign a discounted commissionable volume when paying team pay and bonuses. If you are being paid 8% on your first level that sold $1000, your level bonus would be 8% of the $1000. Almost all direct sales companies reduce the commissionable volume to 70% all the way down to 30% on some products. This means if it was reduced to 70% you would only be paid 8% on $700, not the full $1000. At tori belle, we believe in honest pay, and don’t hide discounted commissionable values in the small print of our comp plan.” – Tori Belle Cosmetics