BioReigns CBD PA with Mindy

Bio Reigns was established in November of 2018 and entered into the direct sales industry in September of 2019. Backed by over 10 years of true science and discovered from a personal tragedy, a reaction in the lab triggered a revolutionary breakthrough in the wellness industry. Bio Reigns created a delivery system where digestion is not needed. Our proprietary technology can deliver everyday essential nutritional ingredients through water, results are felt within minutes.

Our CBD tincture is all natural and oil free, and we own exclusive rights to the only water based CBD/curcumin complex on the market. Created with the purpose of helping others, Bio Reigns is privately owned and 100% debt free. Our hemp is grown in the USA and we control the process from seed to bottle. We offer a synergistic comp plan for anyone wanting to take advantage of the business opportunity, with a free website, a free and easily duplicated training system and tons of support. Use it, feel it, share it. It's different here!

Contact:  Mindy Landers