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Boisset Collection Wine Ambassadors

Anne Minkin
Senior Executive Director, Founding Boisset Collection Wine Ambassador
Phone/text: 415-250-7771 (please view video!)

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the actual wine industry? Uncork your calling now!

Whether you’re just learning about wine, or an experienced enthusiast, all you need to become a Boisset Collection Independent Wine Ambassador is a passion for wine and an entrepreneurial spirit! Our award-winning wines sell themselves…  

Boisset Wine Ambassadors are personal curators and guides to memorable wine experiences. With access to over 120 exclusive and allocated wines from Boisset’s critically acclaimed, iconic wineries in France and California — including DeLoach, Raymond, Buena Vista, JCB and LVE by John Legend — we offer something for everyone — from casual drinkers to serious wine collectors. And your customers can visit our wineries!

Through our personal and professional networks, we bring the luxury tasting room experience to homes, offices, boardrooms and events… and sell our fine wines and luxury lifestyle accessories via phone sales, social media, networking, corporate gifting, memberships and more. The opportunities are endless!

Ambassadors earn 15-35% commission, and have the option to build a sales organization to earn overrides for coaching, mentoring and helping our teams. 

Boisset’s Cellar Suite technology platform provides you with a personalized website, on-demand training, and digital marketing tools, and our dedicated customer service team handles fulfillment and shipping directly to the customer. As your sponsor, I’ll help you brainstorm, strategize and launch your business on the way to success!

Enroll for as little as $42, which covers your first 3 months of Cellar Suite, then $14/month or $120/year thereafter. That’s it.

NO INVENTORY, NO AUTOSHIPS required, and there are no quotas or territories. WINE INDUSTRY PERKs include complimentary tastings at our (and any) wineries! Also enjoy generous industry discounts, amazing events in the heart of wine country, opportunities to meet John Legend and earn all-expense paid luxury trips to France!  

When you join our team of Ambassadors, you become part of the inner circle of the wine world, and global vintner Jean-Charles Boisset’s extended family. Earn while you learn about wine in a flexible way that can fit into your busy life and existing career. The wine world is calling! 

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