Handmarks Alberta with Colette

Handmarks launched in Canada January 2020. Handmarks offers a unique format to Party Plan, a unique experience driven by fun and creativity in a workshop environment to create your “mark”.

You start  with a blank canvas. you can choose one of our beautiful vintage silverware bracelets or a simple chain, your finished product will be an unique reflection that speaks to the heart. Get creative and add charms, birthstone crystals and color pops, let your imagination become your creation.
Our Guiding Principles:
Love, its at the centre of all we do
Listen, to Others, it builds respect
Learn, from each other, it helps you grow
Lift, others always
and Last, Lead by example.
I look forward to sharing the Handmarks opportunity with you and would love for you to become part of our Handmarks family.
Colette Tunke
Independent Founding Consultant
Phone: 780-814-0028