Join my team for an amazing journey!

I am proud to be an Influencer for Everra. Everra is a brand-new direct sales company with 2 markets in the US and UK and will be expanding to other countries soon.

We have amazing products:

  • Make-up with amazing colour pigmentation
  • 2 in 1 Lipstick & Liner duo
  • Cosmetic Make-up brushes
  • Bronzer
  • Concealers
  • Gold Shimmer
  • Lip Gloss
  • Brow pomade
  • Face, Eye & InstaLast Serums with the extract of the stem cell of the Swiss Red Love Apple
  • Magnetic Lashes
  • and our brand-new Wellness products which is also available on a subscription basis

Our products depending on what they are, are:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Sodium & Sulphate Free
  • Paraben Free

I am looking for at least 5 new members to join my team - from the US and the UK.

Joining Fee is $34 / 33 but you get amazing products for more than half price and you get also:

  • Up to 50% commission
  • Instant Pay to eWallet
  • Bonuses & Incentives to eWallet
  • FREE Website
  • No Annual Fee
  • Innovative Products
  • Influencer bundles only
  • EU Standards
  • Recognition
  • Upline Support

You can earn 8 ways. Your Immediate Retail Sales commission will be paid instantly and earning you between 25 & 30%. You will also get immediate Bonus on team sales 3 levels deep. Group Bonus for business builder is not limited by levels. You can also get Rank promotion bonus which is a one-time bonus. Then there is also the Power Seller Monthly Sales Commission which you can earn up to 20% on retail commissions, that can give you a potential total of 50% on retails sales. When you start to build your team, you can earn between 8 to 10% on personally sponsored Influencers over the first 3+ months of their enrollment. You can also get a Generation Bonus for business builders up to 3 generations and finally you can get a Matching Bonus which is paid as a one-time bonus for sponsors as their Level 1 Influencers achieve certain paid-as ranks.

I know this sound so complicated, but all can be achieved depending on how you want to build your business. Do you just want to sell all the products or just concentrating on just one or even want to build a great team to get to the top of your business?

The opportunity with Everra is huge – being a brand-new company, more new products are being launched and makes it so exciting. Sometimes I get really exhausted for being so excited all the time 😊

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