Lemongrass Spa CA with Kristine

At Lemongrass Spa, we believe in the natural beauty each person possesses. We know that sometimes your skin could use some help to allow your inner splendor to shine. We have a range of skincare products that blend botanical and organic ingredients, such as charcoal, apricot kernel oil, caffeine, squalane, coconut water and oil, cocoa butter, Argan oil and many more, to help you fight the signs of aging and keep you looking your best.

We also have Mineral Makeup to achieve complexion perfection and gorgeous radiant skin. Our eye shadows are high quality, pure baked and highly pigmented to create a natural or bold look. We also have products for the body, hair, baby care and a men’s line.

Lemongrass Spa chooses ingredients that are healthy and safe. We believe in gluten free, fragrance free,cruelty free, vegan, handcrafted, organic and made in the USA. We say no to SLS, PARABENS, SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES, RETINOL, MINERAL OIL, PEGS, NANOPARTICLES, TALC, TRICLOSAN AND PHTHALATES.

Kristine Horn
Independent Spa Consultant