LOVEWINX Ontario by Erin


Take a look at LOVEWINX!!!  We are a wonderful natural product company that actually makes our own natural botanical spa, bath and body, massage and ( the best) arousal products in North America!  We have also started our own essential oil line and have the best bedroom accessories !!!  Lingerie too! We do online sales and any kind of party you can think of including Friends' Nights In, Bachelorettes, Couples Parties, theme parties and more where we will spoil you with all kinds of samples, information fun and FREE products!!

Whats more??? Our President and CEO is accountable and gives her own cell number if you ever need guidance!  And our consultants are there for you 24/7!  Starting at 35% commision and buying discount you can go up to 49% in your first 60 days!!!! Free training, free website, free products, incredible incentives and an amazing compensation package!!!

Right now our starter packages are up to 75% off!!! Yep!  Totally excited about this amazing company!  Check us out...

I am sure you have questions – lets chat!

Erin Sonegra
Senior Consultant
Instagram @erins_lovewinx
Facebook Group: LOVEWINX with Erin