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Mary Kay – Angel Davis
Empower and enrich women and their families around the world, that’s our mission. Mary Kay has changed the business and the beauty world since the 60’s and that revolution was just the beginning…

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants are the heart of the company, being the ones that create opportunity and generate income for their families. Opportunity hasn’t always been there, especially for women who needed or wanted to work at the time of the founder Mary Kay Ash, women had no place in the business world.

In Mary Kay, everyone is treated fairly, with honesty and integrity. All Independent Beauty Consultants enter the sales force on an equal basis and advance by helping others succeed.

The Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant might come from any conceivable background. She can be single, married, divorced…Likely between 25 and 55, she may be a mother, or not! The important thing is, she believes in herself and in her ability to accomplish what she sets out to do. She wants to succeed and is willing to work to do so.

Independent Beauty Consultant and customer feedback has a major role in product development. Independent Beauty Consultants receive instant, direct feedback about products during parties and in their regular communication with customers. This information is continually relayed to the Company. As a result, old products have been brought back and new ones launched specifically to meet Independent Beauty Consultants’ customer demand over the years. The Company believes it is uniquely positioned to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future.

At first Mary Kay started with a small variety of products. The entire Mary Kay® product line consisted of the basic set of five skin care products and four additional items: rouge, a lip and eye palette, mascara and an eyebrow pencil. An essential
element of Mary Kay’s original plan was that the quality of her new Company’s products had to be so superior that quality would become a given factor for consumers. That’s still an essential element of Mary Kay marketing plans to this day.

The early Mary Kay® skin care products had their origins in a formula that Mary Kay Ash was introduced to in the early 1950s. Mary Kay was amazed at the results she personally received, so in 1963 she bought the formulations. She believed that with the right packaging, an innovative marketing concept and a lot of hard work, her dream Company would become a reality. And it did!

Now, Mary Kay invests millions of dollars each year to ensure product quality, safety and performance. Demanding standards are not only used in developing, but also in testing and manufacturing each Mary Kay® product. This commitment has brought Mary Kay a large, loyal customer base and a growing market share. But what really sets
Mary Kay apart is the Company’s emphasis on personalizing the beauty process through parties. Originally called beauty shows, and later skin care classes, parties have become a Mary Kay hallmark. Over the years, the methods have changed, but the purpose has remained the same: teach women how to make the most of their facial features and take care of their skin and give them a chance to try Mary Kay® products before buying them.

Take a look at the benefits of becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant:

1. Quick Start
You must sign the consultant agreement while being recruited by a current representative. The one primary purchase you’re asked to have is the $100 starter kit, which serves as a way to keep your samples, demonstration products, and marketing materials. You’ll gain access to your own May Kay website, receive encouragement and support from established sales professionals, and have a product which you can sell with confidence.

2. Independence
By becoming a consultant you will have the complete freedom to set your own hours and dictate your level of commitment. If you have family responsibilities or work commitments that make other side hustles a challenge to manage, then you’ll discover that the independence of operating your own business creates real opportunities for
success which may not be available to you otherwise.

3. Your business moves with you.
Military families often choose a career as a Mary Kay consultant because it is a status which doesn’t change if you’re asked to move. If new orders come through, you can pack up your inventory, then establish a new set of customers through prospecting.

4. You can earn a vehicle through this sales program.
One of the biggest incentives in the Mary Kay sales program is the ability to earn a vehicle. The top independent sales directors in the company can qualify or requalify for a vehicle based on their overall performance. The first (and most popular) option was their pink Cadillac. You can also opt for a Ford Mustang, Chevy Cruze, Mini Cooper, Chevy Traverse, or BMW 3 Series. Each comes with the Mary Kay letter on the doors.

5. It offers commissions through more than just sales.
You receive a 50% general commission on all the products that you sell as a Mary Kay consultant. There are no minimum purchase requirements placed on you to begin earning the top rates either. You can trade inventory with other consultants in your region too, although that does negate a re-purchase if you decide to leave this opportunity. Your downstream provides additional residual income, plus there are commissions from online sales you can earn too.

Testimonial: The service side is where Angel’s heart truly thrives. She helps women build their business through 6-figure strategies, mentorship, and techniques to sky-rocket client acquisition.

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