Pink Zebra Independent Consultant Misti – Wyoming

Greetings, I am Misti your Pink Zebra Independent Consultant.

Who am I...I am the wife to an amazing husband that encourages to keep going & strive for greatness. He also helps to keep me grounded & focused by reminding me that I can do it all👫.
I am the mother of two incredible boys; one a teenager & the other a preschooler. My boys remind me daily of how I need to be a great example to their ever growing minds👩‍👦‍👦. Not only am I a Mom to my little humans but I am also a mom to 3 dogs & an iguana🐶🐶🐶🦎.
Needless to say my life is CRAZY🤪, but I love it & wouldn't want it any other way.

That is enough about me...let's move on to why I am a Pink Zebra Independent Consultant🦓👩.
I became a Consultant in March of 2018 after hosting my first ever party. Shortly after receiving my hostess rewards & my order not only did I fall in love with the products, but so did my family. We decided after a couple of weeks that I should start sharing the joy of Pink Zebra with everyone & become a consultant.
When I got my starter kit & started talking to people in my community I discovered that only a few people knew what Pink Zebra was. So, it really became my mission to show & teach as many as I could what Pink Zebra is.

At first glance it looks like ice cream, but like most things looks can be very deceiving. Ok, so our buckets look like ice cream...our Sprinkles look like ice cream, but they sure do not taste like ice cream LOL 😄
Our Sprinkles are WAX for melting! Check out how they compare to other waxes...
• Clean & More Consistent Burn
• Acceptance of Higher Fragrance %
• Approximately 30% longer burn length
• Responsible, Renewable & Sustainable Earth-Friendly Wax
• Soy Wax from USA farmers
• Non-toxic
• 55+ Fragrances to choose from
• can customize your own scent
Here is a look at Sprinkles & what they go through to be able to be purchased by you...👀Sprinkles

Our Sprinkles are amazing, but there are times in our lives that wax just won't work. Pink Zebra thought about that too & created Soaks!
Soaks are...
• BPA Free
• Petroleum Free
• No Alcohol
• No Dyes
• Pet Friendly
• Skin Friendly
• Fabric Friendly
• Made in the USA
• Sprayable
• can again create your own custom scent
Take a peek on just how awesome Soaks are...👀 Soaks

Introduced in March 2020 our new product line flew off the shelves...Supa' Clean an Antibacterial line of hand soaps &. Each with the scented with our most popular fragrances.
What makes our line of hand soap different...
• Made with essential oils
• Kills 99% of germs
• No triclosan, sulfates, parabens or phosphates
• pH Balance of 5.5%...which is the same as your skin
• Alcohol Free
• Active Ingredient Chloroxylenol
• FDA Approved
Supa' Clean for now is just hand soap, but in the near future there will be other products being added to the incredible line.

So by now you know Pink Zebra is all about fragrance, but are you wondering how you use those fragrances?
These clips will show you just how to use our Sprinkles.
Simmer Light👀
Simmer Pot👀
Glimmer Candle👀
Sprinkles are warmed, but Soaks are not. Here is a look at what to do with Soaks.
Just Add Soaks👀

But wait, Pink Zebra has more...we have Home Decor items for any season, holiday & nearly any decor.
Here is just how you can decorate with your Pink Zebra.
Accent Shades👀

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