Silk Oil of Morocco Western Australia with Valerie

Silk Oil of Morocco is an Australian owned company. It is family run with reps in most states of Australia and slowly branching internationally.

Our range has over 350 products including haircare, skincare, cosmetics and accessories , men's range, hair accessories, soy candles, massage oils, synthetic wigs and real hair halos.
We try our best to have as much of our range made here in Australia and only go internationally if we are unable to obtain the same product to our standard here.

Nearly all of our range is vegan and we do not test on animals. We don't sell to countries that require testing on animals before being allowed in their market. All of our haircare, skincare and cosmetics contains argan oil which is environmentally sourced from Morocco. All of our products have the data sheets and frequently asked questions freely accessible on my website.

For more information you can got to
or you can contact me at or 0411521549

I am also on Facebook as Valerie Hall Silk Independent Professional Sales Representative.
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