ZYIA Active Wear with Sarah


ZYIA Active is a NEW clothing brand for premium workout clothing. ZYIA activewear is designed for EVERY BODY and carries a line for Women, Men and Kids! ZYIA Active is not just workout wear, this line can be worn anytime, the clothes are so versatile! One of the many reasons I fell in love, ZYIA Active has an amazing mission to inspire and uplift women and men with their brand of clothing.

Do you love fitness?? Do you live in activewear or leggings? Wouldn’t it be fun to earn an income for wearing and sharing your favorite brand? With new items released weekly you will always have something fresh to share with your friends.

No inventory needed, Corporate takes care of processing payments and shipping while you focus on having fun with our outfits, sharing them with your friends and earning to do so.

Work completely online or set up some home parties or set up a few pieces in your fitness studio for your clients to see.

As An Ambassador You Will…
* Earn 20% commission on your sales
* Get a 25% discount on personal purchases
* A Website, free for the first two months, free each month with sales of $600, if not $21/month
* Business Tools
* Team Leader and Support from an amazing team

And The Best Part?
* Building lifelong friendships and our amazing community of ambassadors!
* Being celebrated and recognized for your contributions
* Having flexible hours, you decide when you work, this is your business!

Contact - Sarah Jenkins, ZYIA Active Brand Ambassador
Phone - 613-332-2729
Email - sarahmolawson@hotmail.com
Link to Website - https://www.mycanadazyia.com/ZYIAACTIVEWEAR/shop/CATALOG.aspx

Link to Join - https://www.mycanadazyia.com/zyiaactivewear/content/join.aspx

Facebook page - https://www,facebook.com/ZYIAActiveWearClothing/